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How can I create big buildings(dat,png)

Started by Suleyman, September 29, 2012, 08:08:01 PM

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Hi everibody!

I need some help. I want create abuot 2x6 tile building to pak64HU-PL, could somebody send me a sample dat and png file?
Thanks for help to all.


Suleyman, I hesitated to reply to this thinking someone else would but aren't some of the curiosities 2x6 in size?  If so, you could just download the code from sourceforge.  I'm almost sure there is at least one in pak128, the football field or something like that...

Modify:  That is, someone who knows a lot more about graphics than I do.


Hi Suleyman,

The first thing you'll need is Tilecutter, which will allow you to produce both pngs and dat files so long as you have a raw input drawing of your building.



Yes I want to make a curiosity the hungarian parlament building. I want to make it in 2x6 or 1x4 size. Sourceforge? I will see this. Thanks.