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Car heights

Started by Sarlock, October 19, 2012, 07:07:36 AM

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A question about cars... while making the SFC building and putting the standard cars from the pak respository into it, I quickly scaled the cars and found them to be quite large as compared to the building and our standard scaling for pak128.

If 14-16 pixels indicates a story and the average story in a building is 2.5 to 3 metres high, then those cars that are 10-12 pixels high are 2 metres in height which is quite a bit higher than a normal passenger car (should be more like 7-9 pixels high, around 1.5 metres).  Likewise for length.  Thus, our prop cars are almost 50% larger than scale.

That said, road vehicles are necessarily increased in scale due to the importance to the core element of the game: vehicular transportation.  They are purposely scaled up in size to be easier to see and control in the game.

So, do we continue to use this increased scale for cars even for our props for our buildings?  Or do we scale down these cars when we are using them as building props.  They wouldn't scale properly to the road vehicles any longer, but they would scale properly to the building itself.

Add to this the fact that we have a range of car sizes already in our various buildings in pak128.

I did some comparisons from existing buildings:

Maybe this has been discussed in the past, but some input and direction would be nice so I know where to head with my upcoming models.  I can adjust my SFC to use scale sized cars instead easily enough.  I think it looks better at scale.
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Hard to say... Apparently both approaches were accepted in the past, and I do not have any preference, either. But since I don't draw stuff that has city cars in it, it's not a question for me!

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I usually recycle existing city cars :D

From a theoretical level, I prefer prop cars scaled like city cars and road vehicles generally.
Simutrans has many different scales, and it's acceptable: IMHO there should be a scale for buildings, a scale for vehicles, a scale for infrastructure and so on, BUT for the sake of consistency, EVERY building in the same scale, EVERY vehicle (on road or as a prop) in the same scale etc.


Quote from: Fabio on October 19, 2012, 08:38:43 AM
I usually recycle existing city cars
Me too. A unique scale better seems to me.
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