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Author Topic: red squares, yellow arrows and a filter :)  (Read 4247 times)

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red squares, yellow arrows and a filter :)
« on: October 03, 2012, 03:45:34 AM »

There have been a couple of changes lately that I want to thank the people responsible.  First, and I think I might have mentioned this in passing in some post, is the red square and yellow arrow when creating or changing a route.  Until implementation of this change, I used way points but they were a huge pain.  This was especially true with changing a route because chasing down the coords of the way point was not an easy task.  Thank you all who worked on this!

The second thing is the filter on the line management popup.  Thanks to Combuijus and others who posted (I can't remember who all did now), I could use it properly to find any route I was looking for quickly but the filter is still a significant improvement.  Sometimes, especially with road vehicles and boats, there is a need to see just the ones for a particular city or industrial area.  The filter makes this possible by putting in the city name or even just a part of it.  Very nice!  Thank you all who worked on it.