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HELP: Creating Townhall Pak

Started by Spartanis, August 14, 2011, 09:22:10 AM

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To whom it may concern, i created my very first 128 size townhall in blender, I tried creating a pak file and replacing this in the pak128 folder. First it didnt work, showing black square. Creating a new game then, reverts the town hall to its standard default.

I wondered where i went wrong?

Here's the info i used




Any input is much welcome as part of my learning curve towards creating my very first complete simutrans pak



Do following:

- install TileCutter (if you have not already installed it)
- start it
- copy almost all lines that you wrote (- except last one) into dat file options
- make source files
- make pak file

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní



Muchly appreciated you suggestions.. it works!!.. now I understand how it all works!! FINALLY after many years of reading tutorials and <beep>! heheh

*rubs his hands as he sets his ebil plans to create ebil paksets.. Mwuahahah*


Since my last post i did some further mucking about to further my learning curve of creating add-ons and stuff.. i think i was doing rather well.. as a mere beginner. However, i came across a problem, of which no doubt all simutrans graphics creators often come across, and, no doubt, has a solution for it.

the problem is the "outline" of the image (in this case.. white lines in some areas).

I'm assuming you use a program to solve this problem?

The above image shows the standard pak128 along with my two pak add-on tests: Town Hall and City Church Curiosity


there are a few ways to fix the edges.
one method is using shades to highlight the tiles with the wrong colour and fix them manually.

another is making the background transparent in photoshop or gimp before resizing so that the images don't blend with the background colour upon the resize. It's quite long to explain this in its entirety, but all you need is a way to identify the pixels that are not the correct colour and fixing them.
My Sketchup open project sources
various projects rolled up:

Colour safe chart:


Cheers AEO.. Investigating SHADES program as we speak (or rather .. play simutrans)


Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


Quote from: VaclavMacurek on August 16, 2011, 02:50:47 PM
That cemetery looks quite good.

Thanks mate.

Currently i am in the process of creating a complete different pakset. Now dont hold your breath tho.. i may or may not complete this daunting task.
(as you probably see there are so many pakset ideas that started,, but never been completed)

The idea spawn from pak128brit, where the creator uses CONSISTENCY as a rule. That is.. the overall look and feel are the same, rather than different size, shape, texture paintings,, etc etc, (which would make the gameplay a friggn eyesore!) that results a rather nice, clean looking game to play in.

However, I think since this is a game, the pakset should have something like pakComic. Rather than "photographic realism" look, i decided that buildings, roads and vehicles and such, should have game look graphic. Something like you see in say.. Cityville game in FACEBOOK. Or rather, Sim City.

To make my pakset even MORE unique.. is that everything is set to same scale. That is, if a sqaure tile is 10 metres across.. and a house has a 10 metre frontage, but a 20 metre length (house and backyard) then the residential houses should have a 2x1 tile, instead of a 1x1 tile that shows the same area, but scaled down to fit.

I have SO many different ideas (most never been done before, which may or may not work, for example.. static object that shows trees but also Large rocks, cliff face, etc etc... of various shape and sizes... to create a rather interesting landscape tile placed over the basic ground slope.)

But first, before i create so many different objects, ways, vehicles, buildings, signals.. (oh my god, how many types we got here?! lol).. I discovered one of the problems during my many years of gameplay:

I used to grab add-ons from other players/creators into the pakset. Having done so, imagine how many different types of say.. road waytypes styles you'd get into that one submenu (toolbar) area? it would fill the entire screen!!.

Since i cannot see far ahead what types of road surface i be creating, the number is uncertian...

So my first step of creating my version of pakset (for which i decided to call pakSpartan, no, not for my nickname sake, but for descriptive sake.) is to restructure the TOOLBARS in To clean it up into sub groups so to speak.

For example:

ROAD Button-->
    Surface Button --> Gravel, Asphalt, Concrete, etc
    Bridge Button --> Gravel, Asphalt, Concrete, Steel, etc
RAIL Button-->
    Track Button --> Wooden Sleepers, Concrete Sleepers, etc

and so forth.

So far, i been jotting down on paper, the structuring of the menu system.

If i feel that sometime in the future, that i WILL be able to complete the pakset, i will create a new post under the relevant heading of this Forum, showing my progress and ideas and such for all to read.



Im a little confused here.. so bare with me:

I created a townhall image that faces all direction.

Using Tilecutter, i was able to cut these images along with dat file.

However, Pakbuilder didnt do anything to create pak file..(yes i clicked the BUILD button)

EDIT: Problem Solved. I still use TILECUTTER but instead of using PAJBUILDER, i do the old fashion way... go to dos prompt :P



VS, can you move this thread to Pak64 thread please? it was my honest mistake of putting this in here.


done -- VS

paulo francis PF20

this cemetery is available for download? :)


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I just found this thread.  Some of the info here is going to be a great help to me.  Thank you Spartanis and everyone who posted here.

Spartanis, I hope you all the best with the pak.  I think you have some good ideas.  The structural detail and design of the church with the cemetery and the city hall are incredible!