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question regarding waiting time calculation

Started by asaphxiix, October 13, 2012, 04:18:27 PM

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I've been looking around my bus stops stops in a small town, and I see that the 'waiting time' values for the same other stop in town differ substantially, e.g. 5-30 minutes. I thought waiting time depended solely on convoy frequency, but maybe this isn't the case?

running 11.10 pak64.exp 0.4


Hi asaphxiix,

Some of the shortcomings of the waiting times calculations (like those you mention) have been partially addressed in development versions, and the feature will be much better in the new version of Experimental which should be released soon. You can find a release candidate in the "release candidate" thread if you want to test these (and other) fixes.


thanks carl!
why didn't I step up to try the rc before :)

love ST - but ST-X rules!