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Reversing (eye-candy issues)

Started by Bear789, October 10, 2012, 10:16:46 AM

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Some paksets, namely Pak 128 Britain, seem to have non-standard vehicle alignements, which looks weird with the reversing feature of Experimental: early trains, for example, will have a huge gap between the locomotives and the cars when reversed.
I know that a proper solution would be to realign all vehicles, but that would be a hellish task.
So, what about reversing every single car in the convoy without changin their position? Most cars are symmetric so you can't really see if they are flipped or not, except for the alignement issue, and I feel that having all trains properly aligned is better (and looks more realistic) than seeing some occasional asymmetric car pointing the wrong way.


Thank you for the suggestion. I am aware of this issue: the problem is that many vehicles are not symmetrical, and, in those cases, the difference is really quite significant (consider: observation cars). Also, it would take quite some coding effort, and there is an enormous backlog at present of work needing to be done of a greater significance. If someone is able to do this, however, it would be considered if it did not cause too much difficulty (and would probably have to be optional, because of the asymmetry issue).
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