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0.8.4 - intro date electric train depot

Started by waerth, October 20, 2012, 12:38:21 AM

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I just downloaded the new experimental version from github and the 0.8.4. to celebrate the arrival of my new computer.

I generated a map starting timeline in 1900. I then immediately went to look at the train depot. To my astonishment there was no electric train depot available. So I forwarded it by year. And until I got the message that new tube stock was available, in 1906, no electric train depot was available. Now I noticed that some electric tube stock was available from 1898 onwards. So I should have had the electric train depot from 1898 onwards, yet it was never there :(

On a side note is Simutrans Large Adress Aware? I am asking this as the largest map it allows me to make is about 7000 wide and 2000 height. And it disallows me anything larger. While I have 16 GB of Ram .... it is currently only using 1.2 GB



thank you for your feedback. This issue has already been fixed on the Github repository, so the fix will be available in the next version; apologies for the trouble in 0.8.4. The introduction date has been set to 1890.

As for the maximum size of maps - this is limited by the fact that the "koord" values defininig the co-ordinates for each square are made of pairs of 16 bit integers, so the total number of tiles can only be the maximum number of a signed 32 bit integer.
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