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Low Waterway Weight Limits

Started by TygerFish, October 27, 2012, 02:30:57 AM

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As it currently stands, the smaller rivers cannot carry *any* traffic except for horse-drawn barges, making them unusable in the modern era.  Canals cannot carry the Thames Sailing Barge, although I could see the argument being made that these are intended for wide rivers only (like the Thames).

I would propose that the smaller rivers should at least be able to accommodate the newer steam/diesel barges with a weight limit of 35t instead of 25t.

Current weight limits:
Wide/Navigable rivers: 1000t
Canal: 80t
River/Small river: 25t

Current boat weights:
Thames Sailing Barge: 30t/105t
Humber Keel: 20t/70t
Double Steam Barge: 13t/53t
Double Diesel Barge: 12t/52t
Norfolk Wherry: 17t/42t
Steam Barge: 12t/32t
Diesel Barge: 10t/30t
Horse with Barge: 2/22t