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[pak64 classic] - train overload

Started by asaphxiix, October 29, 2012, 12:17:12 AM

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train seems to be overloaded - 750/294 pax - guess this shouldn't be - convoy #377 on Bol-Dij line


yeah, the overcrowded capacity seems to be excessive.
but that coach is from the addon.
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For clarification here -- by "pak64 classic" do you mean the 19th Century Experimental pakset? I ask because "pak64 classic" is also the name given to the standard pakset which used to be called "Pak.Hajo".


Yes, 19th Century Experimental pakset

Thanks Carl


Hey Asaphxiix
I Can try to make railvehicles without overloading!
Opening hours 20:00 - 23:00
(In Night from friday on saturday and saturday on sunday it possibly that i be keep longer in Forum.)
I am The Assistant from Pakfilearcheologist!
Working on a big Problem!


Thanks greenling, I think the overloading is a very nice feature, it just needs to be a bit more balanced :)

I wish I could fix it myself!