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Asset loss and bankrupt mechanism

Started by Iluvalar, November 02, 2012, 08:39:40 PM

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Hi everybody,

it's me again. I noticed that as long as I have over 0 net wealth before the end of the month, I'm ok. But this is not exactly true because while the maintenance payment happen after that check (so I can fall under 0 during the month), the asset loss happen just before the check.

It's counter intuitive for me. Am I the only one that find this annoying ? I'd prefer that both happen at the same time so I wouldn't end in a position that I lose with still money over 0. Is there any reason why it's working like that ?


Yes. I fell over this tripwire more than once.


I can certainly put those two after the check.


The best imho would be to count asset loss as maintenance directly.


No this will cause all accountant running away. ;) Btw, that change was done in -r 5578 already.


lol, ok for the accoutant. But could it be another line in the budget sheet them ? :angel: