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freight car speeds

Started by asaphxiix, October 30, 2012, 09:39:54 AM

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some of the goods types (bulk/boxed goods, only bulk from 1871) have a lower speed limit till 1911, which creates a bottleneck using the same line. I guess it's possible to overcome this with bypasses, but is it intentional?


Just to clarify -- is the problem that they have a lower speed limit in 1871 than they have in 1911? That would be strange indeed. Can you note down the specific names of the wagons in question?


sorry I wasn't clear - what I mean is that in a given year, say 1880, you have for instance the SimCo Bulk Gondola going 45 kmh max, and the MJHN boxed goods car going 65 kmh.

This creates difficulty in sharing tracks for multiple goods lines, bottlenecks etc.

But after giving it more thought, I guess this is intentional, to be more challenging in running goods on the map :)


These stats will have been simply copied over from the values in Pak64, but if you think that they are anomalous I'm happy to consider changing them. Is there a principled reason (beyond "challenge") why the bulk cars should have a lower speed limit than the boxed car? 45kph is pretty slow.


guess the question is not directed to me :)

lumber cars btw can go 90 kmh.


Well, the question is directed to anyone. :) Perhaps it would be worth starting a discussion about this in the Pak64 forums?