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96comic open-source repository

Started by An_dz, November 19, 2012, 01:13:47 AM

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I don't think there's a need, but thanks for the tip.


The makefile from pak64, pak64.japan etc. works on almost any platform I could get my hand on (which is not surprising, since a Makefile is used to build simutrans in the first place).


Set of freight ships Gigantea added to SVN. Nobody had anything against, and long time passed from promotional releasing in forum, so ...

All ships are merged into one file only (one file for dat and one file for images). Vehicles got new name, underscore added behind class name, so instead GiganteaZilia is Gigantea_Zilia (to names would have the same scheme, like in other cases of my vehicles).

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní