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pak128 japan add-ons

Started by ZBOX, January 19, 2014, 03:11:32 PM

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I noticed there is alot of add-on's for pak128 japan, on the japan simutrans website  which look amazing, being interested in Japanese trains, it would be nice to use them. 

is it possible to get a japan pakset128 folder with these add-ons included ?



Well ... you just have to download these addons and use them in your game. What's wrong with that ?


Nothing is wrong with it.

do i just make an add-on folder for the simutrans directory (pak128.japan) then put the add-ons i download into that folder, then load simutrans with the japan128pak and load with add-ons and they will appear in the game.

Is that correct ?



That's right. Create a folder "addons" in Documents\Simutrans\ (with Windows, I don't know other OS), in this addons folder, create a folder with the same name as your pakset name. For instance, for the pakset "Programs\Simutrans\pak128japan", you will create "Documents\Simutrans\addons\pak128japan". Put addons in this, and it should work.


Thank you gauthier,

I have made the folder, downloaded a few add-ons and put them into the folder, i start simutrans, next to the japan128pak icon is load with add-ons, i click on that, simutrans loads up no problem with the add-ons, but the add-ons i downloaded are not in my game.

I have done exactly what your said regards to the folder set-up, any ideas on what it could be ?



There can be two problems :
_ timeline problem : the addons you are looking for are not introduced yet in the year you are playing in.
_ name conflict : there are already objects with the same name in the pak (maybe the addons you are looking for are already included in the main pak ?).

Could you give me a link to the pages with the addons ?



I dont think it can be that they were already in the default japan128pak as there is only 6 locos for me to choose from.

Plus the link is here

Started on page 1 onto page 14, must of downloaded around 30 files (this is just for trains), also i did think about the time year in game, i have started in 1930,40 50 etc right untill 2020 just to see if any of the add-ons are available, but they are not there.

It there not a mega folder out there which contains all the add-ons ready to play (im not having much luck with getting things to do with simutrans to work)

If there is no such folder, is there any thing esle i could try to get these add-ons to work ?

Thanks again for your help.


Beware of the pakset name. It must be exactly as in the simutrans programm folder.

main pak
C:\Program Files\Simutrans\pak128.japan

My Documents\Simutrans\addons\pak128.japan

In this folder there must be simple pak files, nothing else, no subfolder etc. Just start a game without timeline, to see, if not same are set to hidden. If you have only six engines, then you are likely with timeline. (But Beware, many passenger engines are under the passenger tab there!) ANd without electrification, you will no see any electric engine.


Hi prissi,

Thank you, i did not know about the sub folder bit, i just put the folders in the add-ons, i think i understand now, so i unpacked them, and put all the pak files into the add-on folder,

is that correct ?

but i have another problem now, simutrans will not load with japanpak128 add-ons, having fatal errors (a few of them) like this one 'GOOD-Papier'

looks like i am missing them files, is there a way to search for the files i need ?

Thank you. 


You must have missed a file on your site. Just try to remove the train which transports "Papier" (maybe paper ?) from your addons.


ok, could not find what you suggested, so i just installed so more add-ons, to see if that would help and now simutrans wont evan launch, Getting that message again "simutrans has stopped working"

over three hours have i having trying to sort these add-ons out, and looks like its been a waste of time, Is there a solution for this ? or I will have to give up with it all, not going to re-download it all, Thank's both of you for your help though.



Had one more look at simutrans this morning, so i go to load the games, i select load with add-ons japan128pak,

It starts to load (the blue bar appears), ok, it then starts to load the add-ons, gets 90% though, then bang, get the messeage "simutrans has stopped working"

Now before when the was a missing file/bad data - it would crash and say fatal error, so is it possible that i have installed to many mods ? making the game crash.

As i did install about 10 various station packs - is this possible to have that amount in simutrans ?, also about 35 train packs, every truck/bus pack, all ships/aeroplanes, and a large selection of extra buildings.


Unless your computer is 20 years old, it shouldn't be that. The only way to solve your problem is to remove all your addons from the folder and put them back one by one until it crashes again, so you will know what addon causes your game to crash.


Ok, thank you, will try that at some point.



Most likely you either added a factory or a vehcile for a good that is missing. The logfile (generated when starting with -log -debug 3) should give a hint which object that is.


Ok, thank you prissi

I think i might have an idea of what it was, one freight pack and one ship pack, had fatal errors when i was unpacking them to the add-on sub folder, and was only part installed.

So i am going to delete everything, and start again at some point, download a little bit at a time, and check to see it each bit works.