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New to simutrans servers?

Started by Zutiiq, June 25, 2013, 03:17:05 PM

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Ok so I'm new to the idea of multiplayer servers as, in the past, I've always played single player and just recently discovered the multiplayer option. I must say..I'm not very good at managing a business such as transportation of people or materials. I was wondering if there was a ''nooby'' server which would let others help me and guide me in a successful business in the game. Also, is there a chat window on the server? Or must you use a different program to chat to your fellow gamers in the server itself, such as IRC?


Hi! Welcome to the simutrans community, the forum, and the community of netgamers!

There is no newbie server per se, but please feel free to play on any of the servers, mine included. Chat can be accessed through the message center icon in the top menu. Just  type in the top box of the dialog, and press enter.

If you are still learning the mechanics of the game, it is good to play a couple of games offline, but most netgamers will be happy to give you some pointers. I know I have learned a lot by just watching others play.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. In game, I operate under the handle RF&P. Happy Gaming!
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Hi all, a request to those of you out there with access to good hardware.   Could you please host a pakBR standard server.  I have really loved playing this pak, because it really rewards good network building and has great city rules...  but I'm not ready to jump into experimental yet.  Please   ;D

Michael 'Cruzer'

Maybe you want to setup a server yourself? Great (enterprise end) hardware and network connection can be rented for less then 5€ per month:

This is a managed Simutrans service, so all you need is to upload a Pakset, a Map and choose your Simutrans version. Then press "Start" button and you will be ready to connect to the displayed server address.
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