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[patch] choose bridges and tunnels to match max speed of intercity roads

Started by Dwachs, November 25, 2012, 12:54:36 PM

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.. when connecting cities during world creation. Imho it looks odd to start games in pak64, and intercity roads only uses wooden bridges. Is this intended?
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Using woodden bridges: Yes this is fully intended, to enable a quick start for the player but then give incentive to expand to faster bridges. From 1940 on also other bridges will be used, if I interpret you code correctly then?

Maybe one should rather explicitely set this parameter; especially with pak128 there might be strange bridges (like the pillars for elevated ways or such) be found.


With Pak 128 here each road has an appropriate matching bridge and tunnel. ;)
However explicit entry in simuconf could make the system more flexible if needed.