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Cargo loads / vehicle - balancing

Started by dom700, May 03, 2012, 12:54:53 PM

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as a rather new user of pak128 I came to notice the rather disturbing fact, that it seems like you need more and longer vehicles to serve indsutries than in pak64 for example. Especially iron and ore tend to pose problems here. When I was looking up the stats on wikipedia about the LKAB IORE locomotives, I came to notice the fact that in real life a car of its train carries 100t of ore with a weight of 20t of its own. In pak128 it is 35t to 19t. With the typically high production values of pak128 in mind and the fact that the other values are based on real life I think this is actually a problem.
I consider myself as a player who makes good use of the equipment given by the pak, but I am already reaching the limits of what I am able to transport. In pak64 I was typically relying on trains with a length of 4 and did well, in pak128 I am using trains with a length of 12 and I still have issues (and I am running out of space for my stations). The problem is especially obvious when you compare the throughput of ore by train with the throughput of different modes or different goods.


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No, of course not. Fact is that compared to pak64 the steelmill (for example) eats more raw material and the capacity of a train is much lower.


Longer trains? I normally use platforms with lenght of 6 tiles (pak64). With these platforms I can use trains with 12-13 coal/iron waggons (and double locos)

EDIT: Ah, forget it. I misread and thought you had trouble with pak64..