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ATTENTION: Simutrans subdomain/project managers and helpers

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, August 27, 2008, 12:31:23 PM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Do you assist with * project? You should be on the Web Team so you have access to useful info on how to log in and change stuff...

If you do NOT currently have access to the Web Team board, and you are responsible for a subdomain or otherwise need access to change web-related settings, reply here.

Please note that this is not space to apply for such a position - it's to make sure that everyone who already controls/controlled a subdomain (or had login rights) regains those rights...


Hi Isaac, I still have some subdomain stuff but no access data or anything.


Isaac Eiland-Hall

Ah, yes, good reason to have this topic. Granting you access... :)