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Network diagram map?

Started by AP, December 08, 2012, 11:14:31 AM

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Hi all

Do I recall seeing something about a new feature in simutrans, the ability to make the map display a network diagram (london underground style almost...)? How do I make it work?

I ask because my player colour is green, so I'm having trouble reviewing my network on the (green and pleasant) mini-map - the "ownership" map overlay isn't hugely helpful.


Ah, so soon then! I presume at some point the online game will migrate to the new version?


As AEO said, this feature is in the rease candidate for the merge wuth Standard. How long that it takes befire release will depend on how long that it takes Bernd and I to chase out all the obvious bugs.
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Understood. Didn't mean to imply "hurry hurry" in my previous post, which re-reading it is how it sounds. I'm sure merging the two is a rather complex undertaking!