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Stone and sand

Started by paichtis, December 15, 2012, 01:54:00 AM

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I see you reduced profitability of coal on rail which is a good thing :)
But it will probably inpact sand and stone too which are the justification to ever produce AAC stones. Could you increase income from these resources ? (to at least the same level as coal/iron)


Starting with the AAC chain is anyway not wise, as you need many lines. And later you should have the money to subsize a little. Stone is needed twice, thus indeed maybe stone should earn more to transport. And over the whole chain there will be money to be made. Even with sand you can generate positive income (although it is not easy in some years).


Sorry for the late reply.

First thanks for the stone.

Second while I agree with all you said I just wanted to point that the AAC chain is the most complex for PAK64 and as such it ought to be rewarding. As it is now I develop them only when there are strong synergies with other lines (mostly AAC stone being delivered with the return trip of another goods line).  Especially hub strategies should avoid them or they'll end moving unprofitable goods all over the map. Of course, with the highly profitable cargoprinter things change.
(on a side note AAC is the cheapest, the heaviest and yet has one of the highest speed bonuses for its category. I wonder how it is ever possible to balance a vehicule for them without generating huge profit for other goods)


AACs high speedbonus is probably just an error from times when it was concret, which would get solid very fast. Thank you for this very useful remark.