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Experimenting with remote access

Started by hreintke, January 01, 2013, 06:08:14 PM

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I am experimenting getting simutrans accessible and/or updatable by webbrowser.
First for this I took the mongoose package which provides http/webserver fuctionality and added mongoose.c to the simutans project.

Now updated simworld.h with the following :

class karte_t

    struct mg_context *ctx;

  static void *karte_t::callback(enum mg_event event,
                      struct mg_connection *conn);

and then updated to use start the webserver and reply to requests.

  void *karte_t::callback(enum mg_event event,
                      struct mg_connection *conn) {
  const struct mg_request_info *request_info = mg_get_request_info(conn);
  if (event == MG_NEW_REQUEST) {
    char content[1024];
    int content_length = _snprintf(content, sizeof(content),
                                  "Hello from Simutrans! Remote port: %d ",
              "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n"
              "Content-Type: text/plain\r\n"
              "Content-Length: %d\r\n"        // Always set Content-Length
              content_length, content);
    // Mark as processed
    return "";
  } else {
    return NULL;

karte_t::karte_t() :
const char *options[] = {"listening_ports", "8080", NULL};
ctx = mg_start( &callback, NULL, options);

// length of day and other time stuff

Works like a charm. Starting simutrans and using a browser to access localhost:8080 gives the expected result.

But now on to delivering some simutrans content. For that I exptected to be able to access the karte_t data and functions in the callback function but no luck there. Cannot acccess the data themself and also not using the this to get to there.

using this.get_fab_list().getcount()
gives the error 'this' : can only be referenced inside non-static member functions

using get_fab_list().getcount()
gives the error 'karte_t::get_fab_list' : illegal call of non-static member function

One thing to mention too is that I do need to have the callback function static, otherwise the usage of this in the ctx = mg_start( &callback, NULL, options); will not work.

Any hints to do further trials appreciated.

Kind regards,



The difficulty, I think, is with the requirement to have your callback function static. All the actual game data in Simutrans (including everything in karte_t), other than the settings, are instantiated objects, which cannot be accessed from static methods. The world itself is a non-static object of the class karte_t. (In theory, it would be possible to have multiple worlds with the same Simutrans process, but the code is not set up to cope with that, and there would be little point).
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Most callbacks take a context parameter where user data can be passed. The karte_t instance must be sent through that. This might mean that the callback must be reregistered when a new game is created/loaded.



The solution is indeed to pass the karte_t instance when starting the webservice.

karte_t::karte_t() :
const char *options[] = {"listening_ports", "8080", NULL};
ctx = mg_start( &callback, this, options);

and retrieving this userdata in the callback function.

void *karte_t::callback(enum mg_event event,
                      struct mg_connection *conn) {
  const struct mg_request_info *request_info = mg_get_request_info(conn);
  karte_t *myworld = (karte_t*) request_info->user_data;

In that way I do have access to the "welt".

Now further exerimenting with retrieving data using the web.