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maps. and graphics archive sites doesn't answer!!

Started by Suleyman, January 05, 2013, 11:35:48 AM

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Hi dear administrators. i have a question to you.
The, and the simutrans graphics archive servers doesn't ansver and I can't load this sites.
Is this the forum reorganisation, or the problem in my firefox?



They are on another server (than Isaac's) maintained by Hellmade. It has run into problems very often lately. We are all trying to contact him, but this has been impossible for a while.
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Quite strange.
Few days ago both servers answered - but today not.

And this topic is quite old. So it seems it was corrected for some time.

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All sites that were hosted on Hellmade's server are in the process of being moved to Isaac's Server. Hellmade's was infested by virusses, so it seems better to move things over.

DNS data has been updated, but this might take a while to have effect. We are busy with transporting data at the moment.
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Programmer: No user, no bugs


As far as I know I can still log in on hellmade's server for (and Need help with those?  Probably I also have a local copy (backup) of these sites.  Will need an account on the 'new' server though