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Author Topic: Chart information broken down by line, stop (, and good?)  (Read 1212 times)

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Chart information broken down by line, stop (, and good?)
« on: January 06, 2013, 09:36:29 PM »
Currently, it's possible to bring up various charts for each station, factory, line, vehicle, and city, which provide all kinds of useful information. What I'd like to see is a higher level of detail. I'd like to pick a particular line, and a particular stop on that line, and bring up charts telling me about the what happened at that particular stop of that particular line.

There's two main reasons I want to do this. Passengers and mail typically get picked up and dropped off at multiple different stops on the same line, and I want to know which particular stops are busiest - what I'd love to see is a chart with stops listed across the bottom, and various statistics like the average number of units of goods leaving each stop using that line. However, I'd settle for having information available for each stop separately, so I could collect the information needed to create such a chart by hand. That would help me decide where the bottlenecks are, and how serious they are. Note that a line can pass through a given station more than once, either by reason of intersecting itself or by reversing directions. When I said "stop' rather than "station" above, it's because I want to be able to distinguish which direction the passengers or mail are going, so that visiting the same station twice, once going northward, and the second time going southward, counts as two different stops.

The second reason is that I want to be able to distinguish different goods. I have two separate lines leaving a given stop, one carrying passengers and the other carrying mail. I can find out how many goods each line is carrying over all stops, but I can't figure out how many each line is carrying from that one stop. I can find out how many goods are leaving or arriving at that one station, but I can't find out how many of each good type are leaving it, nor in which direction they're going.

I haven't been playing very long, and so far, I've kept my lines simple: all of the vehicles on a given line are of the same type, and they all carry only one good type between any two stops (i have put together a line that took ink to the printer, and then books to the book store), so distinguishing lines would be sufficient. However, it's trivial to have multiple good types carried by a single convoy, and multiple convoy types in a single line - it might even be a good idea in some circumstances, despite the fact that it would complicate line management. If I were ever to exercise either of those options, I would want information broken down by line, stop, and good type.

I understand that, in order for simutrans to present me with extra information, it might have to save more information than it currently does. I have no idea whether that would be a problem.