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windows 8

Started by asaphxiix, January 14, 2013, 01:26:56 PM

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has anyone tried to run simutrans or simutrans experimental on windows 8? Should I expect any problems?


I seem to recall that somebody had and had not had difficulties, although I cannot recall the details now. From what I understand, Standard works in Windows 8, and the OS specific parts of the code are the same in Standard as Experimental.
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very well. i suppose i'll just have to use linux if it doesn't run well.


I ran experimental, with the 80mb save from the server, off of an SD card just fine on win8 laptops at stores.
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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Haven't played Simutrans since installing Windows 8 yet, will report when I do. Can't imagine it wouldn't work fine, though...


Hi, I have been running various releases of simutrans, including 112.1-r621 on Windows 8.  I ran it as Administrator and/or with Compatibility set to Win 7, yet the outcome is the same: it crashes  if I try to either load or save a game.
The error is: FATAL ERROR: loadsave_t::int_version() - Really broken version string! Aborting program execution ...
Any ideas?

Regards Andreas


Hello Hustermouse
Your bug, they you here be post, cam through the repeatedly installion from simutrans on your computer.
Then you want install more than one Simutrans, then must you use the entry: singleuser_install = 1 in all
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