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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 10.20

Started by jamespetts, January 16, 2013, 10:54:23 PM

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A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: Simutrans 111.2.1 Experimental 10.20. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

Note that the Windows binaries contain the Windows version of the no-graphics server, Makeobj and Nettool.

This is a bugfix release, with some minor feature changes. See here for information on the 10.12 release, which was a very substantial upgrade on the previous 10.11 release. See here for information on the previous bugfix release, 10.19.

I have included the version compiled with IPv4 only in the Windows binaries, as some users were reporting frequent desyncs when using Windows XP in 10.4.

A full list of changes follows.

Changes since 10.19

  • FIX: Corrupt saves when a stop had more than 32,767 waiting packets of goods/passengers.
  • FIX: Discard passengers/goods in excess of 65,535 packets when saving to avoid corrupted saved games (this discarding will not occur when the save game version is incremented to 11).
  • ADD: The paths for goods/passenger packets are re-checked every X steps, which can be set in by reroute_check_interval_steps = X. The default of 8192 will be imposed on all network games until a version increment. This entails updating the paths every 2 game hours or so at 250m/tile.
  • CHANGE: If passengers/goods have been waiting at a stop for more than twice the registered waiting time for their next transfer, their waiting time is recorded forthwith to prevent excessively low waiting times being retained, skewing path finding.
  • FIX: Stack overflows in displaying very large sets of passengers/goods in the stop information window.
Feedback and testing

Thanks also to all those who have tested Simutrans-Experimental and provided useful feedback: it is very much appreciated. Any feedback from this version would, as ever, also be very much appreciated, including (1) the new features introduced in 10.12 (braking physics, Carl's new timing/spacing features, the elevated way restrictions, underground station and signal restrictions); (2) online play (see here for a list of Simutrans-Experimental servers); (3) general bug reports; (4) information as to how well-balanced that the game is; (5) any difference in approach/strategy needed for Simutrans-Experimental as over Simutrans-Standard; and (6) any other useful feedback.

I shall bid people good playing, and look forward to any feedback!


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