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Paper transport in 1920

Started by jk271, October 29, 2012, 08:55:09 PM

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Hello, I am playing pak64 version 112 in the year 1920.
I am unable to make a profit with the paper transport. Train transport of the paper is in the red, ship transport and road transport does not make any profit too.

I have done some calculations. If revenue from paper transport is 0.47 credits per km, you can transport paper using railway without significant loss. Current value is 0.40 credits/km.

I suggest to increase revenue from paper by 20% or 25% ( =  0.48 - 0.50 cr/km) to enable small profit from paper transport.


While originally intended, with network games this has to go indeed.


I have downloaded pak64 version 112.1. The paper transport using railway works well. It makes sufficient profit now.
Thank you for fixing it!


I can't say I've noticed any change 100 years later. I might have to say goodbye to my current game and start a new one.


I have tested it in 1990. Train transport of paper makes profit in the same way as it is in 1920.
You probably need to uprade pak64 to latest version (112.1), not only the simutrans binary. :)

I have to notice, that not only profit from paper was increases, but also running cost of paper wagons have been decreased.


I usually run straight from svn, and have been playing pak64 with the changed paper for two months or so. With my pak viewer tool, I have seen that paper is theoretically profitable with Br365 and 4 cars, but such a train would be too slow for my rail network. Other combinations become unprofitable when I take speed bonus into consideration, and most of them are way too long (which is also why they fail to achive speed bonus).


A Br365 it a small vehicle it better you look after a better on.
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