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What pak has the most content?

Started by 12padams, February 13, 2013, 09:30:02 AM

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I am assuming pak 64 has the most content however is pak 128 being focused on more than pak 64 now? My question is: What pak has the most content (vehicles of transport, features, variety and span over many years)?

I want to play from as early as possible to as late as possible while getting as much content (amount of vehicles being unlocked in between). What pak would you recommend for this and what time period to what time period do you think would be good? I don't care about graphics btw... I care about the quality and amount of content ;)

The Hood

pak128.Britain has a continuous timeline including *many* rail vehicles from 1750 to present. It's not fully finished however so things like planes are not complete and there is a more limited range of attractions, factories and city buildings than I hope to include in the future. I'm probably biased but it's probably got the largest range of vehicles in both time and volume at present.


Sounds awesome! Does it have more than rail vehicles, for example trucks or boats?


Pak128.Britain it a pakset that from 1750 until 2000 a nearly complet timeline have.
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The Hood

Yes - it does have a complete timeline for road, narrow gauge rail and boats. There are also some futuristic maglevs available post 2010.