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Behaviour of private road signs/railway gates

Started by jamespetts, January 31, 2013, 12:44:41 AM

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I am wondering whether the behaviour of private road signs/railway gates needs to be updated. Currently, they work in the same way that access works: any player who has been granted access to another player's ways is allowed to pass through another player's private road signs/railway gates. However, this is potentially redundant, since only those players who have access to that other player's ways may pass onto them in any event.

Would it be preferable, perhaps, if private road signs/rail gates only permitted their owner to pass them, no matter what the access setting, and further, were only allowed to be placed on a player's own way (i.e., not allowed on unowned ways)?
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It's useful sometimes that they can have a different setting from the general access permissions as well as allow others than the owner. I don't think that should change (but it seems that city cars will use owned ways even if they are not granted permissions, but they will not be allowed on bridges owned by the same player.)


I think it would make sense for barriers to reserve a specific track for the player alone, excluding private cars as well. Otherwise, from what you said, it actually has no effect, and there's no point in having it?

It wouldn't be right to make private roads inside a city, anyway.