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Sindor-Skoda 706 Grain and Sindor-S706 Trailer unloading wrong quantity

Started by T0m4S, February 06, 2013, 06:42:37 PM

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I realized I was lacking grain on my game even though I added several trucks to increase the service. So I started searching to find out why. That's when I realized that even though Sindor-Skoda 706 Grain and Sindor-S706 Grain Trailer have a total capacity of 13 grain, which is being loaded at the grain farm. When unloading on an intermediary dock I have, it's unloading just 10 grain! I don't know why. I'm using the latest svn version: r6319 and latest pak128 svn version too. I'm using linux 64 bits.

Here's the save game:

The problem it's happening at the dock shown when loading the game.

It's a bug or it's just me?


What is the capacity of the intermediary dock?  Maybe it's full?  This happened to me not too long ago with the latest pak128.


I think it's not that, because even when the dock is empty the convoy unloads just 10.


I am not sure if it is a game or pak bug...

Is there anything waiting for load at the receiving station?

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I don't see anything wrong. Truck arrives with 13t Grain, factory stock goes up by 13t...
Sure you're not confusing the 13t Grain arriving by truck with the 10t Flour the factory is placing in the dock?


Actually there's no bug. I just missed that at the station there's also a mill converting the grain. That's why I'm getting it by groups of 10.

Sorry for the false report and the trouble.  :-X