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Help with DAT-File - Wintergraphics in Way-Objects?

Started by Raiser, February 07, 2013, 10:46:25 AM

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Hi, One simple question:

Is it possible to make "way-objects" with winter-graphic? Or is this only on roads possible? I tried to make an Alley as a way-object with winter-graphic but it does not work? I found nothing in the wiki about this aspect. If this works not, i have to compile the Alley as a road...

look at this thread:


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Hi Greenling, thanks for your help. Why is this not possible? Do you know if this could be enabled in new makeobj version? Wintergraphics for Way-Objects would open new possibilities.


QuoteWhy is this not possible?

Because it has not been programmed. It is not only a change in makeobj, it is also a change in displaying the way and its way-objects.
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Thank You for your quick feedback - I'm just asking and learning :)