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BR Mk. 1 suburban compartment

Started by Vladki, February 12, 2013, 08:39:19 PM

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I have noticed that when I build a train consisting of BR Mk. 1 suburban compartment cars, it cannot leave the depot. Error says "this combination cannot start". It seems that there should be some other type of car for the end of the train - brake car or something. The suburban compartments have green/yellow line suggesting that there should be something, but nothing else is available.


Uh, I have found that there is BR Mk. 1 suburban brake car, but it can be purchased only if i build the train from rear, and no engine can be put on the front of such train. Hmm, something is wrong with the dat file, but I cannot find what.


Hello Vladki
In the BR mark 1 vehicle are tipping faults.
I try to understand the BR mark 1 vehicles config.
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This should be fixed in the next nightly.