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Map of Río de la Plata, western part (1599x798)

Started by gabyregistrado, February 18, 2013, 05:12:39 PM

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Hi all,
I've made a map of the Delta del Parana & Río Uruguay, It includes a bit of the North East Argentina Region and the South West of Uruguay.
(see attachment)

there are two versions, both of (1599x798):
    - one with the simple heightmap (link: )
    - and one just like the above but with little "X"s (in elevation) that mark the spot for a city. (link: )

I was thinking of making a ".sve" in pak128 with the cities already placed. I'll edit this post when It's finished.
Ok, here's the savegame (Link: ) (7mg). It's pak128, starting in 1950. I warn you, I tweaked the settings in order to have much less opp costs  :-X, so you should reset those to your liking. I'm still adapting from OTTD.

Please tell me if you've enjoyed it.
Suggestions for improvement are very much appreciated.

PS: Please tell me if this is the wrong place to upload maps. I'm new to this forum. It'd be great if they showed in


Nice map, I will publish the simple one (without the x-es) on Simutrans Maps when I have time. Good to see some good maps from South America!

P.S.: The best place to publish a map in the forums is in the special map section: So, it would be nice if a moderator could move this topic...

moved -- VS
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Nice map, indeed.

Instead of calling it NE-Argentina & SW Uruguay, I'd simply call it "Río de la Plata, western part" or "Paraná and Uruguay river mouth".

And looking at it made me remember Simutrans still lacks a way of setting the placement of cities on the map.


Yeah, you're right! I like  "Río de la Plata, western part", or "West of Rio de la Plata", but yours is catchier.
--> changing name....

Anyways, I'd like to tweak it a little to make a smaller version, after adding the factories saving takes it's good 10 secs.


Map placed on Simutrans maps website, will make an entry in the blog as well.
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Thanks for uploading the map to the blog and maps pages!  ;D