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quick question max number of convoys

Started by waerth, February 19, 2013, 07:51:41 AM

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I have been going through the config settings line but couldnt find anything about the max number of convoys allowed. Anyone know what the number is?



I don't think there is a maximum on the number of convois anymore, other than 65535 and the limitations set on memory for your computer.
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Indeed, and this feature is not changed from Standard.
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Ok so the limit is 65535 on convoys or on all objects (stations+convoys etc etc)?



The limit form 65530 it only for all images importment in moment.
But i think that a limit from 65530 images in Simutrans not more reach out.
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No, the limit is 65535 on number of convois only. And you can probably also have only 65535 stations. And 65535 attractions. And 65535 cities. And indeed a maximum of 65535 images.
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I think you would need a really fast CPU, say an i5 or i7 running at 5ghz, to run 65535 convoys without lagging.
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