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New (old) open source 3D transport simulator on the door

Started by prissi, February 21, 2013, 09:49:53 PM

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After a long battle and a long sleep, 3D TT (also known as Straße & Schiene) seems to be short of finally appearing as open source. This was first released in 2001 as a stolen version from the actual developer. Since then a lot of time passed, but available transport simulators (including commercial ones) are still lacking on stuff (either map size or simulation depth). Thus he decided to go OpenSource. Since this game uses no grid internally, it might be much more suited as full 3D simulation than simutrans.

(The back story is actually sad, and involves a 5 year court battle and a broken family. It seems initiating transport simulators before 2000 was a dangerous buisness ... )

The old web site was first resurrected:

Some screenshot was the engine can do with nowadays textures:


Looks really nice... I can only imagine how much work is still yet required to make it fully functional.

I am working on some ideas that might make a huge difference in how Simutrans looks.  2D can look fabulous with the right graphics.
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The German name sounds familiar, and it kinds of looks familiar. I don't remember any transport simulation, though, just something more like a model railroad. Was it this, or something else?


Now it had dynamic cities (using vector based rules) and passengers (although not goods) with destinations, if I remember correctly. However, it did not run on my old computer, and my copy I lost.


I remember I played a lot with this one. Generally, it was quite a good game, although later on I found simutrans much more interesting.


Hello All
I have look on the links they prissi be post have.
And must said that those program strong, me remember on Railroad tycoon 3 and Schiene und Strasse i have from both
games the CD still. But the Railroad tycoon 3 game was in the beginner modus already heavy to play.
The Schiene und Strasse game can't build bridge over water.
Both Schiene und Strasse and Railroad tycoon 3 was not really good development .
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I played it quite a lot when I had Windows.  I specially liked to ride the trains in the 3D environment...  I always wondered if some of the ideas of ST would eventually be implemented in 3DTT...