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Author Topic: Effort and Reward on Boosted Final Consumer  (Read 1132 times)

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Effort and Reward on Boosted Final Consumer
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:31:45 PM »
Since some time ago, industries are possible to have boost factors (electricity, passenger and/or mail) to increase its production or consumption rate depending on how it is served with electricity, passenger and/or mail.

I believe this feature is very interesting since it connects and makes interaction between freight and passenger/mail in terms of cargo production and consumption. Ultimately affecting how growth occurs thus giving more variation on long term re-playability. Not anymore only on vehicle network level.

Currently, potential growth from a final consumer is fully obtained regardless of boost or not boosted.
Situation is
A. Shop A sells 10 units of product per period of time at default without any boost.
B. Shop A can be boosted to sell 100 units of product by bringing passenger there.

A requires player to deliver 10 units.
B requires player to deliver 100 units.
to guarantee same full potential growth from the shop.
Intrinsically, effort made on B is not considered. At least from growth point of view.
Potentially, B increases both passenger and freight traffic thus creating more challenge and possible income.

So I think ideal is

                                "Full potential growth must be rewarded only when player successfully
                                  bring all boost agents and freights to final consumer."

Using above example,
Player have potential to get 100 growth from shop A if shop A is fully served both in boost agent(any designed set combination of passenger/mail/electricity) and consumption freight cargo. If not, player will only get proportional 10 growth from shop A.