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Scenario Great Abbey - pak128.britain

Started by ny911, December 01, 2014, 05:11:05 PM

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The Great Abbey

We have the year 1882 and the new Abbot Primate, a very forward thinking person, of the Great Abbey has done his starting visit at the Arch-Abbot residence. On his journey he took advantage of the new underground railway in the capital. Excited from this new transport system he decided to take care to get a new transportation system in his area.  ...

map : 512x512
year : 1882
cities: 31
factories: 99
pakset: pak128.britain
goods: passengers and a large amount of freight
(link to show case, with more pictures and a minimap)

This is the first version of this scenario, with still some bugs.

  • the factory target amounts are unchecked
  • english is the only language, partly it's more c_english
  • a better helptext/description needs some more time
  • works only with latest nightly builds of simutrans r7386 or higher !!!
  • for developer : the "class_group" can be used with any pakset or savegame to speed up scenario development


Great that there are now scenarios for so many pak sets!


Simutrans 120.0.1 Nightly r7437

  • scenario works fine, and factory service targets are playable (even if it is hard)
  • passenger transport targets are fine (easy to medium)
  • player will need knowledge of pakset transport possibilities to find a solutuion
screen shots: passenger network and more or less done (94%) good supply of all abbey markets