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Misspelling in ubuntu and the game build is 112.0 r6000

Started by jessfarnsworth, March 05, 2013, 08:33:23 AM

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I am running Ubuntu and game build
112.0 r6000.  There seems to be a error with the grammar.  The word Stucked is coming up when a convoy is stuck.  It should be saying Stuck.  No big deal.\ I am using Pak128, I don;t know if that makes a difference.


What languague do you play? English? I can find the message

Vehicle %vehicle_name% is stucked!

but in English it is translated correctly to

Vehicle %vehicle_name% is stuck!

In a language that is not translated the original message will appear.
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MAybe the Ubuntu package does not downloaded all translations correctly or it was still missing when 6000 was built? (The latter seems unlikely to me though.)


The English translation seems to have been correct all this year, but it can't be that long ago that it said "stucked". I clearly remember that error, and always forgetting to check that I was right in thinking it was wrong, therefore never reporting it.


Yes, I play in English.
I don't know how this is missed but somehow it must have been.