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Haltdetail line information

Started by hreintke, March 09, 2013, 03:00:55 PM

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I often go from haltdetail window to linedetail to check number of convoys and minimum load/waiting time settings.
Therefor I made a small patch to include that in the haltdetail window itself.

<X> X = number of convoys assigned to the line
(L,W) L = Minimum load level on the line on this halt
         W = Waiting time setting on the line on this halt.

The (L,W) will appear multiple times if the same halt is more then once in the schedule.

See attached screenscot for an example



Maybe information like this could be displayed in a tooltip with some explanation rather than cryptic numbers and brackets?


Definitely it's an interesting feature.

About being cryptic: it was a thing I was about to ask. I think the dialogs should have some kind of tables, not only this one, but throughout the game; the data is organized in columns instead of compounds of strings.

Lines serving this stop    Icon1Icon2Icon3

And if you hover the icons a tooltip is displayed.


I'm with Igor! Just imagine I never got till now the meaning of those numbers already present!
If not a table, at least icons should be used (and used consistently throughout the game whenever that kind of data is shown.


I surely agree with the comments on clarity of the user interface.

But today the simurans coding of the dialogs is (for me) difficult to understand and so also to update.

If something like this proposed gui component was used/availble, probably clearer information would be easier to implement.


Hello hreintke
Your idea it good that it a missing piece in Simutrans Std and Exp!
And the link how you that it missing part too in Simutrans Std and exp.
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