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Glitches in elevated monorail track

Started by Djohaal, March 23, 2013, 12:48:05 AM

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Image should be self-explanatory

The whole track vanishing seems to prefer to happen with eleveated monorail, but I can confirm the track showing in front of the depot and station also happens with ground track.

I'm running simutrans 112.1 - r6212 with pak128 2.2.0.


This bug still exists with Simutrans 112.3 (release version) and Pak128 2.3.0.

It happens only from time to time. I think that it happens more often if the game is paused but this could also be a false impression.


With Simutrans RC 120 and pak128 2.3.0, this glitch happens only on fast forward, so it seems to be partly fixed.