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Some graphical bugs with the last version of pak128 (r1454)

Started by gwalch, June 17, 2014, 07:31:35 PM

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I've tested the last nightly (R1454) with simutrans 120 RC and found some bugs (mostly graphical)

- with climate icons : it's always the same !

- with "road" icons : one of the highway entrance is smaller

- with minimap : i can't make the map smaller, there is too many options on the upper line

With electrifications : i make new ones for trains, we can remove the oldest. But those for tramways and trolleybuses are bad.

- with monorail : 2 bugs : The slopes (or junctions on a slope) are bad

And sometimes, i don't know why, the track disappears !

- with road bridge 55 km/h

- with harbours : i can build on soft slope and hard slope, but graphics are only soft
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If I recall all the "half-height" graphics for pak128 are not yet finished. This is why in the RC120 released version the pak64 has double height yet pak128 still is single height. My guess is trying to use half-height without all the appropriate graphics would account for most of the errors above.


Indeed, Fabio has updated a lot of it but has not yet completed the transition to half heights.  I tried to do some stuff but it was too hard to match his graphical styles.

Fortunately, the trees didn't require conversion to half heights  ;)
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