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(--SimCity--) pak.UltraHD in Google Maps

Started by An_dz, March 30, 2013, 08:59:07 PM

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Check this Sim City 4 image.
Now check this Google Maps location.

Same angle. :D SimCity 5 could be like this. :D

Edit: Thinking better this could be pak.UltraHD

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I wanted SimCity5 to be like SimCity4, only larger cities. :|


I was hoping for no more dumping pollution onto neighbours, better traffic networking and larger maps...

But there's no point asking for features when ea/maxis don't have inboxes.
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There is no reason we couldn't have Simutrans looking like that image.  Just need to draw the buildings like that :)

It's my eventual goal... though having shadows and alpha channel would really help the realism.
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Actually, Simutrans can look just as good as Sim City 4, despite us using sprites and they a basic sort of semi-3d system. We can't look as good as SimCity (5), but we can play a great deal better.
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Creepy thing; as I just saw this, and the day before last I was looking at that particular housing estate in the 45 degree view on google maps--