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Fents (which is the plural of fence)

Started by cy087, April 07, 2013, 09:01:15 AM

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I have been experimenting with "fence" addons from both SNFOS and from Timothy's (IIRC) original way based design.

These can be used very nicely and can give some great effects, (but!)! they suffer from attracting too many artifacts when placed too close to tracks.  So the request is for a new way type that would differentiate between fents and tracks.  Would this be too hard?



In fact, I'd prefer that fences and walls were not considered as ways, they can be confused with actual ways on minimap, but some kind of special ground object that can be used as placeholder or decorative object. I'd propose that ground objects have the following sub-types:

- Natural: bound to the landscape generation and climate, e.g. ponds, exposed rocks etc;
- Buildable: can be built by the player and city generation. This could be:
-- Linear: the pieces interconnects, like a way, e.g. walls, fences, median strips of a motorway etc;
-- Isolated:  pieces don't interact with each other, like a building, e.g. yards, placeholders etc.


QuoteFents (which is the plural of fence)
erm..... the pronunciation of the plural of "fence" may sound like /fEnts/, but the plural of fence is spelled "fences".