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Vehicles (apparently) costs a lot.

Started by pwhk, April 06, 2013, 04:19:26 PM

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All vehicles are shown same prices of 1234816c. Fortunately when I actually buy them it does have the correct cost. Not sure if this is only me.

I started a new game and also have this behaviour, despite this save file was started in 10.11 and I attempted to load it in 10.27.

Offending save file is here:


Can you check that you have the latest configuration texts installed? Absence of these has sometimes caused similar problems.
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I don't think I was installing in the correct way (I simply downloaded 10.27 over 10.11 which comes with the Windows "complete" package, which seems didn't overwrite any files other than the executable and files in the root folder).

And apparently I moved to newest RC and no longer exhibit similar problems.

Thanks for your help anyway :)