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Minimum of PAK files?

Started by Max-Max, April 26, 2013, 04:36:03 PM

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On the Wiki there is a list of the minimum required PAK files needed to start Simutrans.

I have those pak files but Simutrans still crash at startup. Since each PAK file can contain anything defined by the DAT file, isn't it more correct to provide a list of Object that must be present as minimum?

Can someone provide me with such? Or even better, some Dat files containing the minimum that has to be defined. I can update the Wiki when I get it to work.

- EDIT 1 -
By the way, it now complains about PowerDest, but I can't find any information that this HAS to be present...

- EDIT 2 -
Maybe this is the wrong forum? Should I post it in the PAK128 forum instead?
- My code doesn't have bugs. It develops random features...


With a minimum number of paks (technically "besch"es), it wouldn't really be pak128, so I think this is the right place.

Unfortunately, I'm not really able to look through the code for required besches this weekend. It's scattered about in the readers for different besch types I think.


That is very old. Just try it out and report please. Some of it is surely wrong; for instance crossings are not needed any more. At least one city hall is needed, or you will not get cities.

You will need one road, one townhall, one com building, all ground tiles, the three goods.*.pak and most menu and misc. pakTTD is very small and well suited for that kind of experimentation.

powerdest and pwoersource is indeed an error and will not be needed in the next nightly.


I did try it and it doesn't work so well because it doesn't specify what objects are needed. I did found a NULL pointer call while testing, I just posted a patch. This also raises the question if Simutrans should verify the PAK content instead of the filename (read all PAK files, then check if all vital objects are present).

I will follow your guidelines and see if I can get it up and running.

I would love if you could find some time and check what objects are needed. My intention is to create a "clean" PAK that can be used as a base of the minimum objects.
- My code doesn't have bugs. It develops random features...


With the correction (which is required to remove powerdest/source) I just need