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pak64.scifi Version 0.2 for Simutrans 112.x and The Iron Way r068

Started by Sybill, May 01, 2013, 08:04:16 PM

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Here is my new version of pak64.scifi:

What's new:

1. first simple industry chain with tulaberry farm and restaurant
2. first power station hyperspace tapper
3. freight vehicle and freight stop for hoverroad and tube rail
4. bridge and tunnel for power cable
5. new attraction and monument
6. some nice additions and changes from Hajo
7. added symbols for some menu buttons

In addition:

1. So far there is only one vehicle for each transport system and goods type.
2. There are no airports and air planes.
3. No goods and packet transport possible by boat or powerbeam.
4. So far there are only a few buildings and curiosities.
5. Prices, costs and speeds are still chosen arbitrarily, there is no balancing concept yet.
6. There are no translations for other languages than english or german.
7. There is no sound or music

Here are some pictures of the new features: