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Author Topic: James, some bugfixes and updates for pak128.britain.experimental...  (Read 1525 times)

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My ncn-devel branch has a number of bugfixes and updates. 
- There were some misnamed citybuildings (did not conform with the rules for naming citybuildings)
- There were a few vehicles with bad payload levels that got missed in the big mail capacity change; their payloads have been fixed to match everything else.
- There were some citybuildings which got added to standard and simply got lost in experimental (adding them provides more city variety)
- I made some minor changes to cluster numbers for city buildings) to try to get prettier results.
- The oldest horsecarts had inaccurate loading times (10 times longer than they should have), which have been fixed.  (This makes them useable.  I have tested this.)
- I made it possible to upgrade the "old" mail horsecart to the "new" mail horsecart, so that upgrading can be tested in the very early game.
- Giving the boat horse high tractive effort and low power works excellently -- it accelerates slowly and dislikes hills, but achieves its target speed given time, which is what is desired.  So I did that. 

(We should look through some of the other early horse-drawn / sail /etc. stuff.  The general rule is this:  Things which should accelerate poorly but haul a lot should have low power and high tractive effort.  Things which should accelerate fast should have high power.)

- Perhaps most controversially, I changed the speedbonus "fade in" and "fade out" from the previous state.

The previous situation was really not functional as it made most lines ignore speed entirely for revenue purposes, while providing massive revenue boosts to extremely long lines.

My proposal: it fades up from 0 (at 1 km) to full (at 160 km) and then out to 50% at 1000 km.  I suggest you merge it for now and test it.  We can probably find further tweaks but I think it's a good starting point.

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Re: James, some bugfixes and updates for pak128.britain.experimental...
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2013, 10:41:22 PM »
Thank you - I have merged these. I think that your speed bonus fading is well worth trying, as the previous situation produced excessive revenues at long distances.