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Author Topic: [New release candidate] Simutrans 112.2 Experimental 11.9007  (Read 1030 times)

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EDIT: The full release version, 11.0, is now available: see here for details. The Release Candidate version is no longer available. All Release Candidate users are advised to upgrade.

A new version of the release candidate, 11.9007, is now available here (link removed). This is just the Windows binary, but it should suffice for testing purposes. I am hoping that this will be the last release candidate before the 11.0 release.

This release candidate is based on the 112.3 version of Standard, merged up to 112.2 by Bernd and to 112.3 by Nathaneal (Neroden). New since 11.9006 includes fixes to network connectivity issues and crashes in command line server mode in Linux, as well as performance improvements (in particular, a fix to a bug causing poor performance in 11.9006), and a reworked revenue system by Nathaneal, fixing rounding errors and eliminating the revenue penalty for starting at an overcrowded station, as well as allowing for a reduction in the speed bonus value at higher distances, plus a number of miscellaneous fixes.

See the previous post in relation to RC 11.9006 for information on how that version differed from earlier versions.

This version is currently running on the Bridgewater-Brunel server: see here for further details. It is running the old game that had been there for some time to test how well that the new version copes with running a large and well developed game. I should be very grateful if people could test this.

I should be very grateful for all testing of this version, which will hopefully (with whatever modifications that such testing shows are necessary) become the next major release of Simutrans-Experimental. I should particularly appreciate feedback on the new features relating to passenger walking, the use of private cars and weight limits, as well as the usual feedback on stability and performance. Please post a separate thread for each bug or topic/issue of feedback.

To make the most of the passenger walking feature, I suggest that players set their station coverage radii to a much higher than normal value (in the file of the pakset used): a value of 16 is recommended.

Thank you all for testing - it is much appreciated.
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