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path for savegames on Linux

Started by ansgar, January 12, 2009, 02:34:07 PM

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While updating the Debian packaging for 101.0, I notices that rev. 1937 changed the savegame path to ~/simutrans instead of ~/.simutrans.  Are there any reasons for this change?  This way simutrans behaves different from most other games and clutters the users home directory.

I suggest to use the XDG Base Directories[1] instead for savegames and configuration and to store screenshots in ~/screenshots or ~ (if the former does not exist).

And a further question: Does simutrans support looking for PAKs in several directories yet?  This would be useful for the Debian packaging as well, as it would enable users to install additional PAKs in their home directories.


[1], this means ~/.config/simutrans (unless configured differently by the user)


The problem with this: Gnome hides it quite well (at least on Ubuntu) and on Macintosh you cannot acess it be the GUI. But soon all extension pak etc. should go into this directory, thus it has to be easy user acessible imho.

Of course saving game settings could go to ~/.simutrans But the savegames need also to be user acessible, and here starts the "problem" for point and click users.


I do not use GNOME myself, but the Ubuntu documentation[1] says all that is needed to display hidden files is to select View -> Show Hidden Files in Nautilus (the default file manager on Ubuntu).




Yes I know, same for windows extensions. How many user fail with that ... My experience is that about 35% do not know/care.