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Multi-cargo ships and weight for load working funny ...

Started by dannyman, July 15, 2013, 05:57:48 AM

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Configured as either:
25 mail / 25 pax / 75 foods
25 mail / 25 pax / 75 piece goods

At the dock that supplies fish / veg I tell the route to wait until 10% full of 4 convoys / month

I would expect that the ship would leave when, say 13 foods available or 13 goods available ... or 13 pax available ...

But even if 80+ goods available, enough to fill the hold, the ship waits until time.

Maybe it is waiting for 10% pax 10% mail 10% cargo?  I would prefer 10% total, honestly ...


UPDATE: On another line, a pax/mail/cattle brig is now Loading(19->10%): 30:00 left with 4 mail and 20 livestock.  (!?)

UPDATE 2: Confusion over convoy spacing vs max wait ... tried to delete this post, but not allowed. :)


i'm not sure, but i think that when you specify a time to wait, then it will always wait it, regardless of wait for load definition.

i know it was like that once, I thought they changed it, but maybe I was wrong.


You've got it.  There are two settings: a max weight and a convoy spacing timing.  I haven't played in a while and got confused.