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Started by Optimus Prime, July 19, 2013, 09:02:20 PM

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Optimus Prime

Can anybody explain this:
i wa playin on a map with around 100 vehicles givin alot of profit, but suddenly, i got into a big loss for 3 years! I dunno how, but, please help me!
With regards from
Optimus Prime


Because of speed bonus, vehicle will make less and less money with time, until income go down under maintenance and operation costs. Open your finance window (keyboard shortcut "f") and compare "vehicle earnings" with "maintenance" and "operation costs". The sum is called "operational profit", if it's negative then you have a problem.
-> Make your convoys run full (using minimum charge settings in each lines'schedule window)
-> Replace oldest vehicles
-> Don't make too big stations, juste what you need not to have them overloaded.

Optimus Prime

Hey Gauthier,
thanx for ur help. I works alot! U saved my precious time, as I don't play for long time.
With regards from
Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

One more question, what should be the max. Length of passenger & freight trains?
And, the % of passengers from one station?
With regards from
Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime, I'd like to ask you three things:

1) Use more descriptive topic titles. Not just "Loss!!". The topic tittle should show the subject beforehand.
2) Write properly in English. Occasional mistakes are okay; bad writing due to lack of language skills is okay. Deliberate bad writing when the understanding of the posts is necessary is not though.
3) Instead of double-posting, edit your last post when it's perfectly fine to do so. The forum is not a chat.

More info:


Max length ... mmmh I guess it depends on several things :
_ In early years, most steam locomotives can't pull too long trains with high speed.
_ Length of stations must match capacity needs not to lose money.
_ Maybe it's even pakset-dependant ...

Well, the easiest way is begining with short trains and making them longer when trafic's density forces you to do so.