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Two graphic "bugs" + CZ translation

Started by Tomas, October 23, 2008, 12:14:24 PM

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Bug #1 (img->bug.png) ship on land?

Bug #2 (img->bug2.png) city road with lights and out-of-mind notes.

+ i fix many, many bugs in czech translation (ě,š,č,ů,...) -> file

Alex. Brose

Hi Thomas! Thanks for testing. :)

The boat is just a moving landobject. I expect, all objects on/in water will move over the coast zones. It's a simutrans bug in my opinion.

The city road lights are for testing only. There will be a new version in the next version of p96c. :-) Just a small part of many additions.  ;D ;D ;D

And a big THANKS for the translations!!!


In the main Simutrans portal, where the paks are described (, there are no working links for the pak96comic, and the pak is in one instance referred to as "pak69" :D

I would actually find it amusing to one day discover the slightly raunchy pak96 with a lot of double (and not so double) entendrees, but until it is developed, I believe we need to keep the Freudian slips at bay ;)


I see next bug (or feature?8)) Colored dots in background are in top of some objects. Screens atached.


[attachment deleted by admin]


I think, that's the flower. Simutrans make it on a wrong position.

Try to delete this flowers.
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